Mike................. Mike Adelman, D.O., D.P.M., J.D.
Joey................. Himself
Duck................. Itself
Daisy................ Desiree Davis
Salty................. James Caplinger, Ph.D.
Prof. Science..... James Nemitz, Ph.D.
Nastini.............. Brook Bibb
Nastini 2........... Will Davis
Mr. Oops........... Robert Fisk, Ph.D.
Allison England Megan Posey
Max Goins Jon Brennan
Timothy Walker Ashley Van Brocklin
Cate Kinder-Schuyler Desiree Davis
Katie Haga Hannah Kinder-Schuyler
Abby Dolan Spencer Rheinlander
Grace Goggins Brook Bibb
Morgan Williams Will Davis
Audrey Atkinson Emma Del Torto
Charlie Long Amelia Anthony
Breanna Boggs Matthew Ayoob
Cameron Edwards Sheridan Hughes
Show created by: Mike Adelman, D.O., D.P.M., J.D.
Writers: Mike Adelman; James Caplinger; Jon Brennan; Charlie Long; Larry Dowling
Additional Material: Marilea Butcher;
Kate Argow
Musical Director: Jeff Kerscher
Songs /music written/performed by: Jeff Kerscher
Additional songs/music written/performed by: Travis Riddle
Music Talent Coordinator: Travis Riddle
Choreography: James Caplinger
Exercise Segments Choreographed by: James Caplinger;
Jessie Messmer;
Desiree Davis;
Amanda Hughes
Science Consultant: Kevin Warfield
Educational Consultants: Jamie L. Jeffrey, MD;
Peg Andrews, MA, RD, CSG, LD;
Beverly Thornton, RN, BA;
Wayne Miller, Ph.D
Executive producers: Cheryl & Michael Adelman
Executive In charge of WVPBS Production: Chuck Roberts
Produced by: Marilea Butcher
Associate Producers: Marietta Chaney; Aaron Shackelford; Rich McMahan
Director: Aaron Shackelford and Larry Dowling
Edited by: Aaron Shackelford
Cameras: Chuck Frostick; John Hale; Kevin McGovern
Audio: Larry Dowling
Lighting Director: Kevin Warfield
Production Manager: Bill Blaker
Graphic designers: John Hale; Chuck Rosenecker
Additional Production: Jon Allen; Mike Fizer; Janet Kunicki; Chris Oxley; Daniel Walker
Transcription: Tina Ballard
Continuity: Marilea Butcher; Marietta Chaney
Assistant Producer: Terri Baker
Set Design: Bob Watson;
Michaela Sulka;
Desiree Davis
Set Construction: Foggy Entertainment, Inc.;
Desiree Davis;
Larry Dowling
Set Decoration: Michaela Sulka;
Cheryl Adelman;
Desiree Davis
Props and Signs: Erica Bell;
Karen Ayers;
Denise Getson;
Druann Dalton;
Tiffany Wright;
Sharon Howard;
Jennifer Spencer;
Pat Bauserman;
Marilea Butcher;
Marietta Chaney
Hair/Makeup: Marilea Butcher
Talent Coordinator: Marietta Chaney
Costumes: Penny Fioravante;
Cheryl Adelman;
Sharon Howard;
Stephanie Schuler

Puppeteers: Leslie Bicksler;
LeeAnne Rheinlander;
Spencer Rheinlander;
Marietta Chaney;
Marilea Butcher
Illusion Assistants: Tyler Pitman;
Ryan Kahl;
Danny Seams;
Kyle Jones
Magic provided by: MAK Magic;
Collector's Workshop;
Fairchild Magic;
Steven's Magic Emporium;
Abbot Magic Company
Ellie's Critters created by: Ellie Gibeau
Fruit Puppets by: Jet and the Dummy Shoppe
Costumes: Penny Fioravante;
Cheryl Adelman;
Sharon Howard;
Stephanie Schuler
Illusions built by: Doug Sams;
Jason Thomas and the WVSOM Maintenance Department
Additional Illusions Built and created by: Fairchild Entertainmen www.fairchildmagic.com

Greg Patrick

Will Alder

The Capitol Market

Patrick McCray—Gritt's Farm

Marquee Cinema- Beckley Galleria

Eastern Greenbrier Middle School - Preston Modlin, Principal

Pipestem State Park - Dave Caplinger & Kim Hawkins

Flower Decor Provided by:

Kitchen Appliances Provided by:

Illusion Room Recorded at Carnegie Hall, Lewisburg, West Virginia

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