Educational Philosophy

According to the latest nationwide statistics, West Virginia ranks first in the nation for diabetes, angina, and heart attacks, and second for obesity. However, these health problems are not limited to West Virginia. Studies show that there is an epidemic of childhood obesity in this country and it is just as severe as in our adults. While there are ongoing efforts to reduce adult obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, we must find a way of educating our children so that we can prevent these diseases from occurring as they reach adulthood. Therefore, it is essential that we focus on health and nutritional education in the formative years.

Although there has been a lot of discussion about this subject, it has been difficult to create a program that will work to reduce this nationwide crisis. We believe that the Abracadabra Series is a way of introducing health and nutrition, as well as safety and science to our young children, and that it will be an effective platform for educating our children in a fun and entertaining way—providing, healthy messages, educational materials, and role models from whom our children can learn.

Abracadabra has is endorsed by the West Virginia Department of Education.

Goals of the Program

While every episode will focus on a specific theme, the educational goals of Abracadabra are to:

  1. Provide information in a fun format about good nutrition and safety issues.
  2. Help children develop skills to cope with and resolve problems and issues commonly experienced by today's kids.
  3. Heighten children's curiosity and desire to explore through the use of magic and science segments, and provide simple examples to do at home.
  4. Introduce characters that children can identify with and feature these characters working through and resolving issues.
  5. Enhance children's sensitivity to others through the interaction of a diverse group of characters from all walks of life.
  6. Utilize music and magic to introduce children to the arts.
  7. Encourage interaction and participation with activities children and their parents or siblings can do at home. This hands-on learning will reinforce the message of the show.

Stimulating Creative Thought

As children watch the program, they will follow through a problem-solving process along with the characters. Through science, magic, nutrition, humor and music, Abracadabra will stimulate children's creative thoughts.

Instructional Content Developed by a Team of Professionals

We put together a consulting team of educators, health educators, physicians, nutritionists, and an exercise physiologist to help develop the appropriate content for the series. This includes:

Specific components of the Abracadabra show designed to address health and nutrition

A segment to encourage children to get excited about science

Learning about friends, family, communication, safety, and other concepts important to the intellectual growth and development of our children ages 4 to 10.

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