Tree of Hearts

Tree of Hearts

Download Tree of Hearts Cards

Have your friends remember the cards in your hand. When you remove one of the cards have them guess which one is missing. Then reveal that the card they thought was missing has now changed to a totally new card!

Watch the video above for complete instructions.

Materials: glue, scissors, tape, Tree of Hearts pack

1. Cut out each of the cards. If you are not able to use scissors ask and adult to help.

2. Glue the cut outs to some cardboard to make them thicker.

3. Cut the 3 of hearts in half vertically.

4. Tape it in the middle of the King Joey card to make a secret sleeve.

5. Place the tree of hearts card behind the 3 of hearts.

6. Cover the other side of the tree of hearts card with the Queen Daisy card.

Performing the Trick:
1. Show your audience the cards in your hand; be careful not to reveal the tree of hearts card. Tell your audience to keep track of the cards with the 3 of hearts in the center.

2. Turn the deck over and take out the middle card and place it on the table face down. (Your audience thinks this is the 3 of hearts but is is actually the tree of hearts card).

3. Cover the half 3 of hearts with the Queen Daisy card.

4. Reveal the two cards left in your hand are King Joey and Queen Daisy, then ask your audience which card is on the table.

5. When they say, “3 of hearts” you flip over the card on the table and say, “That is close.. actually, it is the TREE of Hearts”.