The Helpful Indicator Card

The Helpful Indicator Card

Deck of Cards

Watch the video above for complete instructions.

Prepare your deck beforehand:
1. Take out the 5 of hearts card and the 4 aces.

2. Place the 5 of hearts face up on top of the deck, then place the four aces on top of the 5 of hearts face down.

Performing the Trick:
Spread the deck out for your audience, careful not to show the face down 5 of hearts card. Turn the deck over then ask your assistant to show a card, have them show it to the audience then have them place the card on the top of the deck.

Cut the cards and then spread out the cards. When you see the face up 5 of hearts, let the audience know it’s an indicator cards, indicating that the 5th card up from the 5 of hearts card is your assistants’ card. Reveal the card, then show that the 4 cards between the 5 of hearts and you assistant’s card is now the 4 aces.