Season 5

Season 5

501: Veggies

Daisy is looking for a way to get everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables in order to stay healthy. When Nastini-2 gives her a potion, which makes her invisible, Daisy uses this to make fruits and vegetables appear all over the magic shop!

502: Joey in Charge

Mike gets sick and he puts Joey in charge of running the magic shop. Joey doesn’t want to disappoint Mike so he won’t ask for help from any of his friends. When customers can’t find things, and boxes fall over making a mess of the shop, Joey’s friends finally convince him to allow them to help. Along the way, Joey learns that it’s ok to ask your friends and family for help!

503: A Visit to a State Park

Mike and Joey and their friends visit one of the State Parks and explore all of the fun things that they can do there!

504: The Talent Contest

Joey and Duk hold a talent contest. Everyone is entering but Emma. She’s upset because she thinks that she has no talent. Emma’s friends try to find a talent for her and we learn that everyone has a talent, you just need to find it!

505: Curiosity

Mike gets Joey a yoyo and Joey wonders how a yoyo works—that is: why does it roll back up after it unwinds? After trying to get answers from Daisy and Salty, Joey and his friends finally get their answer from Professor Science. Along the way, we learn that it’s important to be curious. Because scientists were curious, we have lots of the inventions, medicines, and other products that we use today!

506: Abralot!

Joey is reading a new book and he tells us the story of "Abralot and the Knights of the Square Table." In the story, Princess Daisy is captured by Sir Nasty. King Salty, Merlin Mike, Prince Joey, and the Knights come to her rescue and the Princess is saved. Once again, Joey learns that reading is fun!

507: The Time Machine Returns

Joey is working with Professor Science on his STEM science project, which features electricity, the lightbulb, and the telephone. They decide to use Joey’s time machine to go back in history and meet Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell to learn more about all of these things.

508: Allergies

Daisy has some new flowers in her garden shop, but Joey is allergic to them! Mike makes an appointment with the Allergist, who can treat Joey so that his allergies will be under control. However, Nastini-2 wants to cause some mischief, so he talks Joey out of going to the allergist and wants him to go to the park where there are more flowers! During the episode, we learn that lots of people have many different allergies and it is important to see a doctor or allergist to get treatment.