Season 4

Season 4

401: Math is Fun

Joey is trying to learn his math and everyone is helping him. Along the way, Joey recognizes that it’s important to know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

402: The Bully

There is a new kid in town and she is a bully! The other abrakids are afraid of her. Nastini, with the help of the other characters recognize that “you can’t be a bystander” when it comes to helping your friends stand up to a bully and they teach the bully a lesson that she won’t soon forget!

403: Duplicate Mike

Mr. Oops creates an invention that duplicates things. Nastini uses the invention to make a duplicate of Mike and then has the duplicate telling everyone that chocolate and candy are good for them! The real fun begins when the two “Mikes” meet…now everyone is confused! In the end, we learn that Candy and chocolate are not good for you and that everyone is unique.

404: Joey Makes a Movie

Joey and DUK decide to use their imaginations and make a movie—an old fashioned melodrama! All of the characters are involved in this wild episode that culminates in an old fashioned pie fight! In the end, everyone learns that it’s fun to use your imagination.

405: Facing Your Fears

Duk is afraid of the water because he doesn’t know if he can swim! Everyone shares their fears as they try to help DUK. Finally, Professor Science comes up with a solution to help DUK overcome his fear. We learn that everyone is afraid of something. We need to face our fears and it might turn out that there was nothing to fear at all!

406: The Exercise Game

Joey decides to have his own exercise game contest, so all of the characters are going to compete in different exercises. That is everyone but Mike who, as usual, finds out about this late in the game. We learn that exercise can be fun and it keeps you healthy!

407: STEM

Professor Science is going to a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Conference. While he is gone, Joey invents a time machine and, along with Mike and some of the Abrakids, travels back in time to meet some of the famous leaders in STEM– Madame Curie, the Wright Brothers, Leonardo Davinci, and Sir Isaac Newton.

408: Nastini’s Brother

It turns out that Nastini has a brother! The two Brothers are very competitive and wind up competing to see who can cause more mischievous pranks! In the end they are both foiled! The real message is about sibling rivalry, and how that can cause problems. Blood is thicker than water and family is important.

409: Never Give Up!

After another magic trick fails and disappears, Mr. Oops says that he is going to give up his magic business! Everyone tries to make Mr. Oops realize that he should keep trying and never give up! He finally decides to try another trick and it works!

410: Ranger Joey Rides Again

Joey loves to read, so he decides to tell everyone a story about the Wild West. Everyone becomes a character in his story as we learn that reading is fun and you can use your imagination to explore the stories in lots of books!

411: Ignoring Family & Friends

Mike gets Joey a game tablet and Joey is so immersed in playing with the Tablet that he ignores his friends and family! All of the characters join together to teach Joey that while it is ok to play with a computer or game tablet for a little while, it’s still important to interact with your friends and family.

412: Nastini Gets Sick

Everyone is trying to help Nastini get well. We learn that it’s important to take care of yourself when you are sick. Make sure you take your medicine, get rest, eat healthy nutritious foods, and drink lots of fluids.

413: Joey Gets Braces

Joey gets braces and won’t open his mouth to talk to any f his friends because he thinks that the braces make him look silly and that people will make fun of him. He learns that lots of people have or had braces and braces help to straighten your teeth and give you a great smile!

414: Thanksgiving

This is a full hour Thanksgiving Special episode. All of the cast and Abrakids are getting ready for a Thanksgiving dinner. However, Nastini decides to create a spray that will make everyone greedy. He succeeds and Mike has to intervene before Thanksgiving is ruined! We also learn about why we celebrate Thanksgiving and ways to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner more healthy while still tasting great!