Salty’s Treasure Chest

Salty’s Treasure Chest

Salty has locked his treasure map inside of his secret treasure chest. By saying the magic words you can make his treasure map magically slide out of the chest!

Watch the video above for complete instructions.

Materials: glue, scissors, paper fastener, cardboard

1. Download and print out Salty’s Treasure Chest and Treasure map.

2. Cut out the treasure chest and treasure map. If you are not able to use scissors ask and adult to help.

3. Cut out the holes and arrows on both the treasure chest and treasure map.

4. Fold the treasure chest in half.

5. Fold the extra fold as well.

6. Glue the fold and press the treasure chest together.

7. Glue the treasure map onto a piece of cardboard to make it thicker.

Performing the Trick:
1. Hold Salty’s treasure chest with the keyhole facing the audience.

2. Weave the treasure map into the treasure chest, through the front, then back and then through the front again. Show both sides to your audience. It looks like the map simply goes through the holes in the chest.

3. Tell your audience that Salty accidentally locked his treasure map in his treasure chest.

4. Take a paper fastener and push it through the back and lock it in the treasure chest keyhole on the front.

5. Say the magic words, “Abracadabra”.

6. Pull the treasure map out from the treasure chest (it’s not really locked in but don’t let your audience know!)