Fortune Teller Joey

Fortune Teller Joey

Have your assistant cut a deck of cards in half. Then, have them sign their initials on a card in the Fortune Teller Joey deck. By using the help of Fortune Teller Joey, you can to make your assistant’s initials jump to another card in the Joey Deck and match the card in the first deck.

Watch the video above for complete instructions.

Materials: glue, scissors, cardboard, thick rubber band and a regular deck of playing cards or the Fortune Teller Joey deck.

1. Download and print out the Fortune Teller Joey card deck.

2. Print the special Fortune Teller Joey cards (print as many as you want to perform).

3. Cut out the individual cards. If you are not able to use scissors ask and adult to help.

4. Glue the cards onto some cardboard to make them thicker.

5. Stack the cards in this order: All the blanks together, ne 7 of Hearts, One half card.

6. Place a thick rubber band around the seam of the half card so that it appears to be one card.

7. Take a regular deck of cards and place the 7 of hearts card on the bottom of the deck.

Performing the Trick:
1. Take the regular deck of cards and ask your assistant to cut the deck in half.

2. Then take the half of deck with the 7 of hearts on the bottom and place it crisscross on top of the other half of the deck. (This is called forcing a card on your assistant).

3. Take the deck of Fortune Teller Joey cards and ask your assistant to sign the top of the first card. (Make sure they don’t sign the bottom).

4. Then remove the card that your assistant signed and place it face down on the table. Be careful not to show the face of this card to your audience at this time.

5. Now go back to the regular deck of cut cards on the table Reveal the bottom card from the top half of the cut deck to show the 7 of hearts.

6. Tell your assistant that Joey has predicted your card and turn over the Fortune Teller Joey card to reveal the 7 of Hearts.