Disappearing Card

Disappearing Card

No matter what card your assistant picks you can make it disappear, every time!

Watch the video above for complete instructions.

Materials: Glue, scissors, cardboard

Download and print the special card deck:

1. Disappearing Cards.

2. Cut out each of the playing cards. If you are not able to use scissors ask and adult to help.

3. Glue the cutouts onto some cardboard to make them thicker.

4. Notice that one card – The King of Joey – is normal. The other four cards are special. They have a Heart or Spade on half of the card and a Diamond or Club on the other side.

5. Place the four special cards on the table one on top of the other face up.
Place the normal King of Joey card on top of the pile face up.

6. Now, when you pick up the pile and spread the cards, it looks like you have five normal cards. Now you are ready to perform!

Performing the Trick:
1. Fan the deck of cards towards the audience and have an assistant think of one of the cards in your hand and to keep it a secret.

2. Turn the cards so that their faces are toward you. Mix up the cards and turn them over so that the new suits are showing. (for instance, if you had a card with a heart showing, when you turn it around it will now have a diamond showing).

3. Place the King Joey card in your pocket but tell your audience that you are putting their thought of card in your pocket.

4. Ask your assistant what card they were thinking of.

5. Spread the cards again facing you and use your thumb to cover the suit at the bottom of the face up card and turn the cards toward your audience.

6. Don’t reveal what card is in your pocket. Say, “I made your card disappear.”

7. Their card will be missing from the four cards because none of these cards were the ones the audience originally saw! It will appear as though you have selected their card.

8. Bonus Step: If your assistant picked the King Joey card you can pull it from your pocket to reveal you had it all along. But ONLY do this if they had selected the King of Joey!