Clip Queen Daisy

Clip Queen Daisy

Watch the video above for complete instructions.

Materials: glue, scissors.

1. Download and print out the 5 card Abra deck (Card Stack).

2. Cut out the entire deck. If you are not able to use scissors ask and adult to help.

3. Fold the deck along the black line.

4. Glue or tape the two white sides together.

Performing the Trick:
1. Show both sides of the deck to the audience. Point out that the Queen of Diamond is the center card.

2. Then hold the deck of cards with the back of the cards facing the audience.
Have your assistant take a paper clip and clip the middle card, the Queen of Diamonds.

3. Flip the deck over to reveal that your assistant has clipped the first card and not the middle card.

4. No matter how many times your assistant tries they cannot clip the middle card!