Mike is the current president of the West Virginia School Of Osteopathic Medicine. He has been a professional ventriloquist and magician for more than forty years, performing at many private and corporate functions. He has produced, co-written, and hosted four regional children's television shows in Miami, Florida, Des Moines, Iowa, and Toledo, Ohio.

The original Abracadabra series received an award from the Community Broadcaster's Association.

His magic and ventriloquial talent, his experience in television production and performing, coupled with his medical expertise makes him the perfect role-model and host for this show.

Cheryl has been involved in every aspect of the Abracadabra television series, including such things as: approving scripts, choosing costumes, and selecting the props and the magic.

Cheryl also produced the original Abracadabra series.

Preferring to work behind the scenes, her background as a podiatrist, her public health degree, and her work as a policy advisor for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency adds a great deal of expertise in the content of the series and her legal experience is invaluable to the overall production of the show.

Marilea is the associate vice president of administrative affairs at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine where she oversees the marketing & communications, alumni and foundation departments.

She worked with the team at WVSOM for illusion and prop development during the pre-production phase. On the set, Marilea assisted with the puppetry, scene preparations, and continuity.

Her background in marketing and communications and her experience in working with youth through the 4-H program proved beneficial to the show production.

Aaron has been working at WV Public Broadcasting since April, 1992. He started out in Master Control, then moved into Engineering, where he worked on towers and transmitters for the various TV and Radio sites.

In Septemeber 2001, he moved into the Production Department, where he is currently serving, as a Production Assistant.

Aaron has worked on various programs, such as Doctors on Call, The Law Works, Outlook, This Week in West Virginia, and Homework Hotline. He has also really enjoyed being a part of the Mountain Stage TV project, and West Virginian's Remember World War II.

Aaron really loves the Abracadabra project, and looks forward to making it a wonderful show with a strong and positive message for all children.

Larry began his crazy career, first in theater as an actor turned technician, sometime during the 80's. This morphed into working for the Film and TV industry by the early 90's as a Grip and an Electrician.

Most of the time a person can find Larry working in one of the following roles (not necessarily in the order listed): Gaffer, Director of Photography, and/or a Director. Larry spent a couple years teaching Cinematography at the Factory Film School in Pittsburgh.

He has also been involved in the production of hundreds of commercials and worked on shows for some networks such as Disney, Food Network, Travel Channel, The History Channel, Discovery, ESPN, Fox Sports, Root Sports, MSN, Speed, and PBS.

In 1999, Larry started work at WV PBS as a Videographer/Editor.

Marietta is an administrative assistant senior at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine.

Marietta serves as the point of contact for the cast members ensuring that everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there. She assists with continuity and scene preparations on the set.

During production she works behind the scenes to keep the cast and crew well nourished and energized.

In addition, as a puppeteer, Marietta provides the "hands" for the Clock on the show.

Rich brought his professional expertise as the director of media services at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine to the production of Abracadabra.

He provides all audio and video needs during the cast auditions. On the set he assists with the audio and video technical aspects of the taping.

During his early years Rich spent considerable time perusing Life Magazine and National Geographic where he developed his visual style.

He graduated with a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis on Film and TV from Virginia Tech. Rich has more than 25 years experience as Producer/Director on many projects including educational offerings and documentaries.

He is currently producing "The Making of Abracadabra Video."

Music Director Jeff Kerscher composes and produces music for each episode of "Abracadabra", carefully crafting the lyrics, music, orchestration, and recordings so that each song supports the show's important educational themes.

Since the release of Jeff's first 45rpm single in 1978, Jeff and his songs have appeared throughout the U.S. on television, radio, on records and CD's, and in live performances at concerts and night clubs.

An expert in synthesizer, sampling, and sequencing technology, Jeff's technical advice has been published in Electronic Musician magazine; and, he oversees live backline production for national concert acts appearing in the Midwest as the president of Stage-Pro, Inc.

Outside of the music business, Jeff is married, the father of three children and three step-children, and an attorney with the law firm Handwork & Kerscher, LLP, in Perrysburg, Ohio. law firm Handwork & Kerscher, LLP, in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Travis Riddle left West Virginia to study music in Los Angeles, California, earning both his bachelors and masters degrees in music

Although most noted as a jazz musician, Travis has had extensive experience in the "classical" arena. He recorded with the Los Angeles motion picture film scores as a studio musician.

He has also performed for five United States Presidents and was invited to perform for the second term inauguration of then governor, Joe Manchin. Travis completed his Ph.D. degree while in Louisiana.

Travis composes the music that accompanies many of the illusions seen on Abracadabra. He also works with all of the cast singers to coach and prepare them for the recording of the songs that they are going to sing on the episodes.