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What is Abracadabra about?

Abracadabra is a television series that combines magic, ventriloquism, and original music, to educate children ages 4 to 10 on health, nutrition, science, safety, exercise, and life lessons. It uses comedy and magic to deliver these educational concepts.

Who are the main characters?

The star of the series is Joey, a bright 8 year old boy who sometimes gets into trouble. He's always curious and likes learning new things. Joey tries to do the right thing, but needs help from Mike. Mike Adelman hosts the series and is a magician and ventriloquist.

Mike and Joey are surrounded with a fantastic supporting cast of characters including Daisy, who owns the garden shop next door; Salty, a tall-telling pirate who lives in a magical urn; DUK the magical duck; Professor Science, who does science experiments; Nastini the mean magician who likes to eat sweets; and the Abracadabra kids.

Who are the Abracadabra Kids?

The Abracadabra Kids are incredibly talented children that range in ages from 5 years old to 18. They are friends of Mike and Joey and visit the magic shop to watch magic tricks and participate in the activities happening in the shop. They also sing and dance!

Who is Mike Adelman?

Michael Adelman, D.O., D.P.M., J.D. is the President of the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Adelman practiced family medicine and colorectal surgery prior to assuming his administrative role. He has been a professional ventriloquist and magician for more than forty years, performing at many private and corporate functions. He has produced, co-written, and hosted four regional children's television shows in Miami, Florida; Des Moines, Iowa; and Toledo, Ohio. The original Abracadabra series received an award from the Community Broadcaster's Association. His magic and ventriloquial talent, his experience in television production and performing, coupled with his medical expertise makes him the perfect role-model and host for this show.

How can I contact the show?

We are always happy to hear from you! To contact us, email us at: You can also follow us on Facebook! Click the link on our website, or go to

And You can view abracadabra episodes on our You Tube Page:

How can I get the songs that are sung on the series?

They are available on I-tunes, and CDs and DVDs are also available on our e-store. Click the link at the top of the Parent's and Teacher's page. In addition, CDs and DVDs are available at the West Virginia School Of Osteopathic Medicine's Campus Store.

Can I ever see the Abracadabra Cast perform live?

Yes, the Abracadabra Cast make many personal appearances. Keep checking our Facebook page to see where and when they will be performing.

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