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We invite you to watch Abracadabra with your child. We want children to be actively engaged in the show.

  • Encourage them to get up and exercise when one of the cast tells them to do so and join in with your child!

  • During the Professor Science experiments ask your child about what Professor Science is doing and, after the show, talk to them about helping them to try the experiments.

  • Each episode has a Quick Trick – a magic trick that Mike shows viewers how to make and perform at home. Encourage them to make the trick and show it to the family and their friends.

  • During the Quick Trick segment, there is a "commercial" for a fruit or vegetable. Talk about the item and offer to use the fruit or vegetable with a meal.

  • Play the Nutrition Games along with your child. Talk to your child about making healthy food choices.

  • Talk about the healthy snacks that are shown on the series and plan on trying the snacks as after school treats!

  • Finally, spend some time after the show talking about what Joey learned on that episode and review the positive messages that were presented. In the long run, you and your child will get more out of the show and have fun together!

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